Have you heard this one?

An Ecuadorian woman, a Chinese man and an Aussie get into a Taxi.

By one of the many, but more thankful to be alive, Andrew Currie’s of this world.

At 9:20pm an Aussie teacher arrives at a local bus stop in down town Quito on his way home after an enjoyable weekend. He is unaware that this bus finishes regular services at 9pm on a Sunday but, after 20 minutes of waiting, an Ecuadorian woman, starts chatting to the Aussie about splitting a cab.

They are going in the same direction so the Aussie, who is super tired after a big night the night before, accepts the offer.

A Chinese man is waiting at the same bus stop and asks to jump in. The more the merrier was the concensus.

They drive at a slow and steady pace, drop off the Chinese man and continue chatting in both English and Spanish as the Ecuadorian lady wants to practice her English and the Aussie his Spanish.

She also asks the Aussie for his phone number so that she can invite him to an “English” church on America and some other street, an address the Aussie is told not to forget.

Taxi driver starts chatting to the Ecuadorian lady and takes his mind off the road as he tries to show her that his phone number is also worth obtaining.

The cab is going reasonably slow when another cab side swipes Taxi driver.

Shaken, the remaining passengers check that everything is in order and watch the other cab speed off.

Taxi driver goes from pleasent conversationalist to “I’m going to hunt this mother f@$&er down and kill him” in a split second.

At high speeds they swerve through traffic and run red lights in pursuit of the offending taxi.

Taxi driver blares the horn as he catches the fleeing cab. The Ecuadorian lady memorizes the number plate before they pass the taxi and slam on the brakes.

The offending taxi comes to a halt and then turns to drive up a one way street.

Undetered, Taxi driver reverses down the busiest street in Quito, 6 de deciembre, and follows the offending taxi.

The Ecuadorian lady pleads with Taxi driver to stop the pursuit as the Aussie scrambles for his seat belt, which has no buckle, and instead tries to stay as close to the centre of the cab as possible.

The Ecuadorian ladie’s pleas fall on deaf ears as Taxi driver continues to chase his nemesis through another red light into traffic.

Horns blare and Aussies shriek as they narrowly avoid another crash. The offending taxi blends into the traffic and no amount of slaloming through traffic can find it.

Finally, Taxi driver calls off the pursuit and turns back (as promised as he sped past the Aussie’s stop minutes before) to drop the Aussie safe and sound and with a story to tell.

Upon stopping the cab, the Aussie leaps out of the back seat, leaving his. phone and hence his church invitation behind.

For the record, there was a slight dent and a bit of paint on the front right side of the bumper. Well worth breaking multiple road rules and endangering the lives of two passengers for… Or not.

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