By one of the many, but probably more Australian, Andrew Currie’s of this world.

Just in case anyone is unsure… where I’m from, “thongs” is the name of the footwear in the picture above.

Gratefulness round 2… day #10

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Being invited to dinner unexpectedly: as a result of accepting this offer I had a super cool conversation with a friend of a friend and learned more about places I want to travel.

2. Being invited to the park with some friends: as a result of accepting this offer I had a super fun conversation with two guys that I will certainly miss when I leave Ecuador.

3. Being invited to play a game of touch rugby: as it was getting a bit chilly sitting under the plane in the middle of parque Carolina we decided to go for a wander. We then saw a game of touch rugby happening, which I have honestly been “planning” to show up to for months. As I stood briefly explaining the rules I knew to my friends, one of the owners of a local bar we frequent came over and asked if we’d like to play. I don’t make a habit of turning down offers, especially when it’s something I want to try/do.

As a result, the next 20 minutes of wearing someone else’s shoes, as I was sporting thongs at the time, was great fun. I definately plan to return before Quito is behind me.

Yours gratefully,