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The biggest one is the last one. Too. Many. Events.

I love MMA and have been watching it since my early teens (I’m 35 now) but the UFC has horribly over saturated the market. Its just one long endless hype machine now (usually for fighters/fights that don’t deserve it) and after a while it all just becomes noise. Even cards that are worth watching and that you should be excited about get drowned out by it by the endless stream of pretty meaningless fights that are breathlessly propped up as “can’t miss”. It also means they have to employ more fighters to cover all these cards which waters down the product pretty drasticly.

Tyrone Woodley just KO’d the WW champ in under 3 minutes and hardly anyone cares because

A) everyone is still talking about UFC 200

B) No one cared about 90% of the UFC 201 card.

Thats a problem.