Would you feel the same way if it was a much smaller man that had shoved and slapped Mixon?
I admit I’ve struggled a bit with how I feel on this issue, I generally am all for punishing…
Garrett Dane Henderson

This is an inherently flawed analogy though because it implies that a “smaller man” and this woman are the same thing. They are not.

There are very few woman on the planet who are a physical threat to someone like Joe Mixon. That is just the difference in genders. Even someone like Ronda Rousey is probably not much of a threat to Joe Mixon to be honest.

I know lots of “smaller men” who would probably mess Joe Mixon up pretty bad in a fight though. I have a friend (former university wrestler, amateur MMA fighter) who is about 5'5" and 145 lbs who would knock Joe Mixon stupid. There is a famous video online of Roger Huerta (5'9", 170lbs) knocking out a 230 lb Longhorns LB in a street fight.

Even a smaller man can be a legitimate threat to Joe Mixon so there would be some justification to his actions (although still not great). There is absolutely zero chance this woman was a threat to him though which is the huge, obvious difference.

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