2nd week into 3rd (‘Land ho!’)

The dust has settled. The absolute shockwave of core development understanding, object-oriented- and function programming, and IDE tool use has finally subsided into regular, mild and less jarring aftershocks.

I can look at code and have good understanding of what’s going on. I can comfortably follow its rhythms, and, for the most part, can trace its logic map. This low-wattage eco bulb of mental navigation does, however, contrast greatly when it comes to my own cartography skills.

I plan, research, write and then get lost on the open seas of a New Project. Seamless execution is a rarity, at least past the 2nd class reference. I make blatant mistakes, tiny ones and sometimes just need to leave well enough alone.

The challenge has been when to Google, when to ask peers or Doug, and when to just figure it out. I’m not embarrassed to ask any question, especially when prefaced by ‘uh, this might be dumb…’ or ‘I should probably know this,’ but really just want to figure it out for my own understanding. However there doesn’t seem to be much advantage to spending 45 minutes to three hours trying to get pry my code-going vessel from a syntactic sandbar with tugs passing by. Still even for obvious problems this code, be it Java or Clojure, is highly redundant visually and logic does not seem to be universal between man and machine.

Still enjoying the heck out of it, just wish I could write faster and more accurately. Understanding still is just a product of time for me and I get things conceptually long before scientifically. Clojure is a curious sea especially and I’m glad to have had a chance to try to get it to work.