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Happy to have written some code and generated functional output. So is Sally, et. al

Git use is still a challenge, specifically pushing to a repository. Something about the naming convention (‘origin-master’) still is tricky. Got it to work for both Java and Clojure from Terminal but will need more repetition for proficiency.

Struggled with IntelliJ settings for a while with Leiningen. The issue seemed to be needing to create new configuration on the project rather than just hammering at the default even after creating a new Leiningen project. Think I have that down but will need to work with more to be sure.

I really enjoyed writing the code for both Java and Clojure. It felt intuitive but was not without challenges. A rogue ‘}’ in the middle of my Java code rendered half of it useless and effectively befuddled me for 15+ minutes. Absent ‘;’s at the end of the lines in Java were a persistent devil. Familiarity with IntelliJ’s syntax error highlighting should help.

Working with IntelliJ is an ongoing skill, especially with Clojure. The highlighting of parentheses is helpful but there were many times I got frustrated trying to delete a bracket. Several times I had to cut/paste a whole line to re-do the brackets; hopefully I’ll overcome this with more use.

It definitely took some wrangling to get a lot of the code to work in both languages but I enjoyed the problem-solving process and was pleased with how much thing work.

The ‘main’ arguments are still fuzzy for me, especially in Clojure, but again further exposure should make things clearer.

Looking forward to learning and writing more.

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