Iron Yard, 1st blog assignment

  • I’m doing great…stoked to be learning in a formal setting again, excited to retool my career and learn some coding.
  • I grew up in Asheville, went to UNC, traveled for a while, then settled in Raleigh. No matter what job I was doing I seemed to slant towards technology in the role in some way. After recruiting technologists for a while I decided to become one myself.
  • I’d like to learn enough Java to be able to write somewhat proficiently or as much as is realistic in three months. Hopefully I can leave with enough baseline knowledge to revamp my skills base technologically.
  • Really I’d like to be able to ‘talk shop’ with developers and gain knowledge that will enable me to chart new professional waters.
  • My attention hasn’t been great historically and consistency isn’t one of my stronger attributes. I fear not finding work after the program as well.
  • I’m much more mature than the last time I was in school. I have a lot personally riding on my success in the course so I think I can be mindful of these risks and avoid them efficiently.
  • The growth mindset will be good for me so I can stay positive and not get bogged down by frustration. Collabarating with others will be good for me in this process I feel.
  • Intentional practice should be good for me because I do thrive on challenges and tend to throw myself headfirst in to situations anyway. I’ll try to stay organized about it but think mindfully pushing myself will be very fruitful.
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