Shelter is a relative word with relative meaning. Turtles, those more-reliable RVs of the natural world, probably spend more time thinking about GMOs than what roof will be over their heads each night.

‘Shelter from the storm’ has more impact than, say, ‘shelter from a Carolina spring day.’ Evidenced by our efforts to keep something…anything between and us and the night skies (daily), sanctuary’s of those things that you know you’ll miss terribly when without it, but can only utterly underestimate the experiential misery of actual shelterlessness .

When the always-uninvited yet ever-inevitable ‘Top x Greatest Songs of,” say, the (Rolling) Stones, conversation breaks the surface, I’ll generate an array but scoff at a list. Still, ‘Gimme Shelter’ is deservedly somewhere in those indexed brackets, a comma ahead, a comma behind…or both.

After slogging away almost exclusively for over a week on our first full-function Java program, I feel more ‘It’s just a typo away’…surely they’re the coding equivalents of shots.

5 days later, Shelter v1.o is a live beta. Super proud as an architect, builder and finisher. Paint job (Data out) is unfinished, Delete room is like Aunt Bee’s quarters (cold and unfinished), and a couple of hallways end as black holes. I felt real pain as hammer IntelliJ smashed my mental thumb, randomly, repeatedly. Request granted, Mick and Keith et. al, and she’ll hold.

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