Her name was Teresa Halbach: What Netflix Missed with “Making a Murderer”
Diana Alvear

I’m sorry but this is such a stupid article. There is no controversy regarding the fact that Teresa Halbach is dead, nor that her death is a tragedy. There are thousands of murders every year and OF COURSE our sympathies go out to the victims and their families. But drumming up the sadness of it all is simply not relevant to the central question being decided in those courtrooms, which was WHO DID IT?

What relation do the facts that Halbach loved photography, and won’t ever get married, and was a caring person with a close-knit family, however sad they may be, have with that underlying question? How is it “not standing up” for Teresa to try and find the truth regarding who killed her? How is questioning the state’s version of that story something Teresa “deserves better” than? Isn’t a documentary like this exactly what Teresa would want if it turns out her true killer is still out there?

You write that “what I am trying to do with this essay” is “give Teresa Halbach the justice she deserves.” That’s a pretty ambitious aim, because she’s dead, and nothing will bring her back. No matter what happens to Teresa’s killer, she won’t get justice, and how many minutes she gets on the screen to commemorate her life is of literally no consequence to her. But Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are not dead, and if there were injustices done to them, those injustices might yet be rectified.

It’s possible Steven Avery really did kill her — I don’t know beyond a reasonable doubt either way. But you don’t either. You cannot know, from the evidence provided, whether you really were standing on Ms. Halbach’s bones when you gave that interview. Nobody can, and yet he sits in jail for life all the same. That’s the point the documentary made, and apparently it went right over your head.

PS — Hitting “enter” after every damn line of text doesn’t make the actual content of your sentences any more powerful, it just makes your essay read like an amateur Buzzfeed editorial.

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