You, sir, are the one missing the point of this article.

You missed the point of the documentary. Nobody needed reminding that Teresa was a victim. The girl was killed — nobody disputes that. But it can’t be helped, and it is not “denying her respect” to focus on the injustices that can yet be helped. Of course she was disregarded as a plot line, because there is no plot! She lived, she went missing, at some point over a 4 day span she died, and all that was covered. There’s no twist to her role. There’s no doubt of her innocence and the fact that her death is a tragedy. But the documentary wasn’t about her, because that’s not the most interesting or important part of the story moving forward. It’s no more disrespectful to her to NOT make a documentary about her life than it is to not make a documentary about any of the other few thousand people who are murdered every year.

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