Why Uber Probably Won’t Change its Ways — But it’s Doomed if it Doesn’t
David Spinks

This is a very thought-provoking article. I wonder what the values of the company I work for would be? It certainly isn’t obvious to me. I think a great many companies get by without explicitly defining their values in the sense you mean.

Still, it has become increasingly clear that there is something wrong at Uber. I’ve been uncomfortable with their relationship with their drivers for a while. I didn’t care for how they angrily trucked their self-driving cars out of California because the state had the audacity to insist they comply with the rules as the state interpreted them, not as Uber wished them to be. You are right, I was ready for the #deleteuber movement before it began.

Now Ms. Fowler’s revelations. It all seems of a piece. There is certainly something wrong with the culture at Uber. Whether values are stated or not, every company has values. As you point out, Uber’s “values” would appear to be better left unstated.

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