A letter from the sinner to the saint
Johannes Wait

Here’s some quick thoughts on your points.

#1 Only with the possible exception of grieving the Holy Spirit, there is nothing in the Bible that suggests there is a ranking for sin, that some are worse than others. Remember, though, that in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus up’d the ante by pointing out sin is more than what you actually do, it’s what you think.

#2 The penalties in the Law of Moses should considered as the maximum applicable sentence that could be applied at the time. In John 8:1–11, the woman caught in adultery was not stoned (as required by the Law), but Jesus showed mercy, but he was not soft on letting her know she had done wrong.

#3 We need to remember that the Law of Moses was given to a specific group of people for a specific time in history. I don’t see that this applies to Christians today because Peter was certainly allowed to eat unclean foods (see Acts 10:9–16).

#4 The actual alter of God was destoryed (twice) thousands of years ago. It doesn’t exist anymore. You are in the clear :)

#5 Were is the death penalty for this?

#6 See my comment on #3. One of the blessings of the New Covenant is we can enjoy bacon without punishment :)

#7 None of these requirements apply today, and they’d only apply to direct descendants of the ancient nation of Israel anyway. If they did apply today, then our churches would need to include a BBQ on the stage so we could enact the sacrifices and sin offerings again.

Hope this helps a little.

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