It’s a more comic/colloquial way of saying “you’re making stuff up.”
Clay Rivers

If I wanted to call you a “liar,” I would’ve done so.

I was making the point that different things mean different things in different cultures, and what you said was offensive to me just as you have taken, well, most of what I’ve said to be offensive when that was the last thing on my mind.

I’m a reasonable person, a deep thinker and an engineer, so I look at things pragmatically and I tried to make sure I didn’t sound like I was playing games, but obviously failed horribly. For that I apologise.

would you choose to be aboriginal instead of your current race?

It’s a hard question to answer because my self-image is not defined by my skin colour (and I am categorically not inferring yours is — this is just how my brain works). Would I like to be able to walk in their shoes for a while and experience their connection to the land the way they do — absolutely (I envy it). Would I want to experience the persecution I see happening to them? Absolutely not.

But there are “pale” people I wouldn’t want to be either. I’m thankful I haven’t had a relative commit suicide (I know many families, all skin tones, that have). I’m thankful my kids haven’t fallen into drugs. While I do have two children I’ve never known waiting for me in heaven, I’m still blessed that my entire family, including an unborn child, was not lost in a tragic accident (happened only recently in our community). I’m thankful our intersection as a family with mental illness has not been as bad as other families I know. I’m thankful I haven’t experienced seeing people being ripped to shreds by gunfire and bombs fleeing from somewhere like Eritrea. I’m thankful I don’t live in Mt Hagan PNG where the rate of domestic violence against women is 100%.

So would I choose to be a specific person that is suffering more than I, no. But I don’t think you would either. I imagine it would be like asking you if I could make your skin pale, does that magically solve all your problems?

Am I missing the point? Probably.

If things are wrong, then let’s fix them. But from the Christian perspective it’s an uphill battle no matter how we slice it, because there is a spiritual enemy (and oh how he loves to see God’s people fighting among themselves). And the Christian version of “fix” is mostly counter-cultural anyway (Jesus did not call on the people of Israel to rise up against the Roman occupation). It’s not the easy road and I do go back to the point that I believe the root of the problem is the human heart. Change the heart and you remove the physical manifestations of the problem.

However, what I don’t buy into is because I have pale skin, I’ll never understand.

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