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So (am I’m just thinking out loud here), if we assume that we are interpreting the historical data accurately, are we are confident that, yes, the planet is warming due to human activity, I think that’s one thing to say. It’s another to then extrapolate or model what might happen next. I don’t know that the science behind what will happen is as good as the science behind what has happened.

For me, then, what is more interesting is analysing the cost of various solutions. I’ve no objection to cleaner emissions, but how clean? I’ve no objection to reducing emissions, but what is the human cost associated with that (that is, a strong economy is needed to reduce emissions, but in the process of reducing the emissions you collapse the economy, then you haven’t really won)?

And this is where I get dubious that everyone is working in the interests of the planet. For example, I can purchase a carbon offset when I fly. However, I have not one itoa of faith that the airline actually follows through on that.

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