What evidence do you have for this?
Michael Ramsburg

So, I’m coming from a Protestant (more specifically Evangelical) position. Here’s a few resources:

In John Dickson’s The Christ Files (he’s a well noted Anglican scholar and historian) he says

The Gospels were written with 40–60 years of Jesus’ death. The sources they rely on date from the decade or two before that. And, as I said previously, Paul’s letters were written earlier still. They establish beyond doubt that Jesus’ teachings, death and resurection, together with his status as Messiah-Christ, were being taught my missionaries and committed to memory by Christians in the early 30s AD.

The reason I commented was the 150AD date was far too late because all your first and second hand witnesses are dead and when that happens, legends and myths start to form. This is why Christianity in general doesn’t take much heed to the likes of the Gospel of Thomas (sorry Dan Brown) or Peter or Barnabas et al.

The dates for John’s Revelation are traditionally taken to have been written in the 90s AD but curious thing is if any of the New Testament was penned after 70 AD, surely if would have mentioned that physical destruction of the temple? But even if we stretch the latest writing to 100AD there are still some second hand witnesses alive to validate stories.

And obviously the Christian position is that the Hebrew Scriptures are historically highly accurate :)

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