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Tech sees 72% drop in office use 😷 — Density COVID-19 stats

Andrew Farah
Mar 6 · 3 min read

This is a recent email sent to all Density customers —

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, we took a look at Density’s system-wide occupancy data. There has been a precipitous drop in the number of people going into some offices.

Many of our customers have either implemented or are considering sweeping WFH policies. They believe a substantive decrease in attendance will reduce employee’s relative risk of exposure.

It will come as no surprise that Tech is a leading adopter. Some recent Density stats below:

Tech (Heavy engineering culture)
Common areas like the cafe dropped 66% week over week. Overall building occupancy is down 61% over the same time.

COVID-19 is already having an impact on food waste, food prep, and planning. Prepare accordingly.

If any of your teams need help predicting demand, let us know.

Coastal differences
This is from different coastal offices inside the same company.

Their west coast offices (in purple & yellow) are officially working from home. This customer saw a 72% drop in attendance to their San Francisco offices (week over week).

Their NYC address, however, (in blue) was business as usual this week. Despite their nationwide policy, it has not yet had an effect on East coast attendance.

As you implement WFH, expect differences in regional behavior and adherence. Keep an eye on the discrepancies and adjust as needed.

Tech (Fortune 50)
We also measure desk utilization. Unassigned desks or “hoteling” desks on this floor in the Northwest dropped 62% overnight.

This may seem overly tactical but those with shared desk space should plan on additional cleaning and sterilization.

If you would like to know which neighborhoods have been most used or least used to better target your staff’s attention, Density can help measure and support you, day-to-day.

There is no doubt Covid-19 is changing human behavior. In the coming weeks, we will continue to document and share other emergent data from across the platform.

Should you want to understand if and where your coronavirus policies are having an effect within your building portfolio, reply to this email and we’ll set up a time with your customer success manager to review.

In the meantime, stay safe and good luck.


Andrew Farah
Density CEO

ps. We’re hiring engineers —

Andrew Farah

Written by

Building @densityio.

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