Rainbow Six Siege Review


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person tactical shooter, in which players take control of an operator from the Rainbow team, a counter-terrorist unit. It gets its name “rainbow” because each operator in the unit is from a different country.


Rainbow Six Siege has pretty good graphics especially the lighting which draws me back to the game a lot. The graphics aren’t super special but they are what you would expect from a next gen game. All of the textures of the graphics look clean and I haven't experienced any problems or bugs with them. The graphics and lighting has been updated many times and makes the game look way more realistic. For example if you look in a window from the outside it’s very hard to see people inside sometimes because in real life outside is bright and inside the room is darker.


Rainbow Six Siege has lot’s of customization like weapon camos and head set gear which let’s you stand out and show how much time you put in the game. You can buy camos with renown (the in-game currency) which can be earned by playing online matches, playing situations or playing terrorist hunt. Certain camos cost a lot like the diamond camo which is 100,000 renown or 90,000 if you have the season pass which is a grind to get but shows how much time you put in the game. The head sets as you were wondering is just a design on the operators head gear that looks pretty cool but it sucks that they don’t have full designs for all there gear. Rainbow Six Siege also has weapon charms which are basically small items that hang from your weapon which is cool too.

Game play-

If you’re looking for a game that’s not repetitive and re-playable Rainbow Six Siege is the game for you. There are three main modes in the game, Multiplayer, Situations, and Terrorist hunt. In Terrorist hunt you have to kill as many terrorist as you can and at the end depending how good you do it rewards you with renown and xp. In situations you have to do the objective the game tells you to do and at the end like Terrorist Hunt it gives you xp and renown. Lastly in multiplayer there are two modes to play casual and ranked where the objective could be rescuing the hostage, defusing a bomb or securing an area. Casual is basically if you want to play for fun. Ranked is a more competitive experience with six ranks Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each season your rank gets reset and you have to play 10 ranked matches and depending on how good you do you get placed in an rank.


You where probably confused when you read this title but there is a lot of Destruction in the game. Attackers can blow and shoot through non-reinforced walls and hatches which make strategic entry points for the attackers to push through. Each Defender starts with two wall reinforcements that they can use to reinforce walls around the objective. Some offensive operators can blow through reinforced walls but it just slows down the team. Defenders can also put down traps and obstacles like barbed ware, bear-traps, and a laser trip mine in door frames.

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