Maltego and OSINT for crime scene analysis

In this simulation the investigation of wildlife crime is used and Maltego is utilised for crime scene analysis, enhanced with OSINT data/information. It should be added, that OSINT and forensic intelligence are very close cousins.

All crime scenes have one thing in common, that is geolocation , as the crime scene is one of the most important components (and the introduction) in the investigation of crime, it should be analysed as thoroughly as possible to identify and individualise all possible elements of evidence. Using Maltego we simulate placing various information, data and possible evidence to crime scenes to form a trend which will lead to the possible identification of the perpetrators.

In this example, we have made use of wildlife crime scenes, but it could be applied to just about any crime ranging from burglaries which are often a difficult crime to investigate due to perpetrators leaving such few clues, to fraud, to organised crime such as drug smuggling. With wildlife crimes, they are often perpetrated in remote areas and law enforcement investigations are often delayed with the result information and evidence may be lost such as foot/shoe marks. With the result non-law enforcement personnel attend to the scenes such as local rangers, patrols and land owners, they collect information mainly through photography which needs to be “attached” to the individual crimes scenes. Maltego makes this task uncomplicated and once completed, presents the sequence of crime perpetration through visualisation considerably quicker and easier to analyse.

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