Using Maltego for cell phone analysis and geolocation with OSINT.

In this example a set of cell phone records are analysed in Maltego linked to gelocations of the subject’s phone at the time of cell phone activity.

Maltego (and its little brother CaseFile) is a powerful investigative tool and especially in the OSINT context. Maltego makes use of transforms to discover and search for information, but transform scripting can be outside the scope of investigators, in this example practical and less technical methods are applied to make use of Maltego’s potential.

When an investigator is confronted with sets of cell phone records, the analysis thereof can be a laborious task. Cell phone records can run into the thousands, and when having to form links between persons and locations for example, the task is exponentially increased. While this particular example does not illustrate all the functionality in Maltego to complete similar analysis, it does offer a sample to investigators of additional ideas of what can be done.

The geolocation is not a perfect example and is not cell phone forensic analysis which makes use of triangulation to prove the exact location of a subject for investigative or court purposes, but within an OSINT context the general geolocation movement of the subject on a given date or time can most certainly provide the investigation team with additional clues. Or at least, from an OSINT perspective, to provide geographical information in terms physical areas or casinos or possible meeting places etc. analysed in proximity of call activity with specific people offering up further clues.

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