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This article bounces around very lightly between several different topics that could go on for pages, but just focusing on the Copa America topic…

That, “charisma-less” Colombia team is top 10 in the world and in the semi finals. That, “mediocre” Ecuador team is top 15 in the world and has incredible speed and attacking talent, with several starters in big time leagues. Costa Rica didn’t have Navas, but what does a goal keeper ever have to do with keeping his team from being dominated? BTW, that Costa Rica team also beat that top 10 Colombia team. Nowhere in your mention about the US, “holding on for dear life” did you state the fact that they got out to better starts and ended up going down to 10 men in both those games.

Other than Spain, this is the best team the US has played in a knockout round? What about Brazil 94? The team that you know…won the world cup. Or the Germans in 2002? A team that ended up in the final of that world cup.

Pulisic might end up being the best US soccer has ever produced, but he’s 17 right now. Let’s calm down a bit on that one. To the general point of the article, I agree. This game isn’t going to change the course of soccer in the US one way or the other.