Earlier this week, I noticed an odd pain in my wrist. I’ve had it before so I didn’t pay much attention to it. Well, 24 hours later and my right hand/wrist was out of commission! I could hardly use it for anything. Everything I did caused pain and made it worse. After a couple days of rest, ice, and some ibuprofen it’s almost back to normal.

I also have chronic issues with my foot and my back. Now that I’m in my forties, I’m realizing that I’m not as young as I used to be. Can anyone else relate?!? I’ve been a healthy guy my entire life! I’ve never had to be on prescription drugs. Never had to watch my diet. But then just about the time I turned forty, BAM! Like, I’m talking almost overnight. My body is just not what it used to be.

So here are some things I’ve noticed that tell me I need to take my health in my forties more seriously:


I love my dairy. Ice cream. Cheese. A bowl of cereal with 2% milk. Over the last few years, I’ve somehow become lactose intolerant. If I eat dairy, I know I’ll pay for it later. And bread and baked goods are seriously my love language (just ask my wife). There is nothing like hot, fresh baked bread. Except maybe donuts. Or a slice of chocolate cake. I still love these things, but my body and stomach sure don’t.


I guess I’ve always been a light sleeper, but I rarely ever sleep through the entire night anymore without waking up (which might have something to do with my morning back pain!). When I was younger, I could drink coffee and eat anything and not have a problem sleeping. Nowadays, I take my own life in my hands if I drink caffeine after 2pm.


As previously mentioned, I love my baked goods and sweets. I could eat that stuff every single day of my life. And I used to be able to with little to no effect. (Thanks for the great genes, Mom and Dad!) Well not anymore. My weight seems to increase all the time, unless I am actively watching my diet. Gluten and dairy cause my gut to bloat. (My version of beer belly — maybe bread belly?)

Considering all of these things, about a year ago, my wife, Melissa, and I launched a health and wellness website, www.freywellness.com. Some of the motivation came from things Melissa has learned after struggling with chronic health issues over the past few years. We both have decided that we are the only ones responsible for our bodies. We have to take responsibility and be proactive with our health. The one resource that has revolutionized our lives is a book entitled, It Starts With Food. (I would highly recommend you give it a read if you need to make some health changes.)

So how’s your health? Have you started to notice problems? Things not working like they used to? I would love to hear some of the ways you’ve started making your health a priority. I could use some fresh motivation and some accountability. Leave me a comment below.

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