COVID on Travel Chatbots

As a result of the ongoing lockdown, I’ve had a lot more time to explore the chatbot community and read about the many chatbot solutions that have been created around COVID-19.

It’s amazing to see how chatbot developers and designers have built great solutions so quickly. But I’ve also been sceptical of chatbot providers offering quick relief and triage for call centres. It’s still a huge effort to have a fully trained and up-to-date chatbot around a topic that’s extremely fluid and ever-changing.

A recent article explored some of the strains on existing chatbot platforms and explained:

The solutions aren’t…

I’ve learned a lot in the past 5 years of testing and designing conversational experiences. From quality assurance of voice interfaces, training AIs, and managing over 10 chatbot projects.

Here are my 6 best practices.

Use plain, but conversational language

After setting the design and plan for a chatbot, we begin to ‘conversationalise’* the content. This means taking existing FAQs, processes, documents, miscellaneous content and adapting it for a chat medium.

The combination of plain English and conversational ready language ensures that you cover the majority of users. …


Head of Bot Design @ SentiOne. Kiwi based in BCN.

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