Nostalgia hit me this weekend during my solo long run. I think the last I ran by myself was when I moved to San Fransisco in the fall of 2015. It felt rather strange and unsettled but most of the unsettled was from my stomach trying to digest a burrito soaked in habanero sauce from the night before. REGRETTING THAT CHOICE! Nonetheless, it kind of felt I was clearing some cobwebs. After my run, I was left with an unusual runner’s high(after emptying the contents from my burrito =O) I then realized I had a blog written up ages ago. After further investigation, I found a rusty nail. It has been about a 3.5 year hiatus.

This was during my codingDojo expedition a.k.a. when 25% of my eye vision deteriorated(staring at computer screen > 12hrs/day)

I’ve decided its time to start turning those gears again. I’ve always deterred about writing my thoughts but I told myself this year I would break old habits.

This has been quite an eventful weekend. Saw Moonlight with friends and strongly recommend. Ending is suspenseful.

And made customize sock critters at a Burning Man dance party.

Along with other cool looking souls and mischievous activities.

Time to get back watching a 2hr video on linked lists(another expedition)

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