VMS in Healthcare — Its Requirements and Benefits

With large number of job openings in the medical field owing to the establishment of healthcare centers in almost every part of the world, it becomes necessary to hire the right healthcare personnel. Vendor Management System or VMS in healthcare was introduced to clear the path between an employer and a potential employee in the form of a more direct approach towards recruitment process. It made staffing and management much easier and revolutionized the entire hiring process for corporations of all sizes. VMS in healthcare has been extremely beneficial, as it has been easier than ever to fill vacant job posts as the details of qualified candidates are made accessible on one platform.

A Managed Service Provider or MSP is an outsourced agency that makes use of VMS to hire staff for the client company which could be a hospital or a clinic. It consists of a team of program managers and coordinators who source and manage contingency (or in some cases, permanent) workers for their clients. Most hospitals are open 24 hours a day, because of which they require qualified staff to be present at all times. Firms which offer VMS in healthcare help in providing hospitals with the necessary personnel, in addition to other services such as order distribution, consolidated billing and status reporting.

A VMS system typically performs the following tasks:

· Interacts with the client’s human resource systems to hire new recruits

· Validates the qualifications of the recruits

· Tracks data on the list of submitted candidates, rejection rates and viable replacements

· Lists submission report status and expected joining periods.

Using VMS for staffing has the following benefits for employers:

1. More opportunities: The chances of getting the right job are greatly enhanced by the MSP’s who collect candidate data and select the appropriate ones as per as the job requirements.

2. Reduced staffing costs: MSP’s thrive on the funds provided by clients, and it’s their job to minimize hiring costs. With VMS at the apex of all staffing solutions, the cost of recruitment for the company is greatly reduced because of the automation of the otherwise manually-executed processes such as billing and staff management.

3. Quicker payments: With all payments being done by electronic means, VMS staffing processes get the job done much quicker as funds arrive at the right time.

4. Efficient management: VMS notifies the MSP’s about important alerts on new staff data, incoming interview offers, timekeeping, new vacancies and feedback from managers via means of dashboard notifications and automated e-mails.

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