7 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kylie Jenner’s Lips

by Lesley Marchant

Kylie Jenner’s lips aren’t just your teenage sister’s aspiration — they’re also the greatest life coach you could ever ask for. Who needs TED talks with lips so wise? Here are seven invaluable lessons Kylie’s perfect, pouty lips can teach us about life.

1. How you were in the past does not reflect your future. Contrary to what you’ve been told, people can change — and they probably will. Who you were five years ago is not who you are now. You’re growing, and you’re allowed to keep doing it — just like Kylie Jenner’s lips. They’ll never stop trying to improve themselves. And you shouldn’t either.

2. It is possible (and advisable) to fake it ’til you make it. Unconfident? Scared? Fake confidence. Fake bravery. The more you can force yourself to step out of your comfort zone, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Before you know it, it will come naturally. Kylie’s lips aren’t real… and yet, we’ve come to accept them as part of her. Hell, we watch makeup tutorials on how to get her lips as if we don’t even know they’re fake.

3. Bigger isn’t always better. Just because something seems bigger, shinier, better doesn’t mean it’s best for you. In life, it’s a good idea to look past the surface. Kylie’s new and ‘improved’ lips endured an insane amount of scrutiny and cruel commentary. People said the lips had ruined her already very pretty face. Just because you think something’s an improvement doesn’t necessarily mean it is.

4. Sometimes one small change can make a very big difference. It can be one tiny attitude adjustment that changes your entire outlook on life. Just look at the lips — all they did was get a little larger, but they totally changed Kylie Jenner’s face! She’s unrecognisable, and it’s all because a tiny aspect was altered. So don’t just aim to make big life changes — because a small one can have an equally big effect.

5. The haters are just jealous. Those people who were yelling, ‘They’re not even her real lips!’? Yeah, those are the same people who made Kylie’s lip-kit sell out in thirty seconds and literally break the internet. If people are hell-bent on bringing you down, it’s just because they want to be you. And who can blame them, you flawless specimen?

6. You will come into contact with bad things. Kylie Jenner’s poor, pouty lips have touched Tyga’s lips. Yes — they have come into actual contact with actual shit. But it’s an unavoidable part of life. Sadly, not everything we see and do will make us feel proud when we look back ten years from now. We all make mistakes. But they don’t define who we are.

7. Good things take hard work and dedication. Kylie Jenner’s lips didn’t suddenly wake up one morning twice their original size. They worked at it. They went for their surgeries. They slathered themselves in 12 layers of matte brown lip colour, and expertly lined themselves — every single day. If you want to change something, you have to work at it. It always pays off.

Originally published at subedit.co.za

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