@HopeStillFlies: The Randi Harper of #Gamergate

NOTE: This was posted on the KotakuInAction subbreddit but was removed cause a mod claimed I was trying to use KiA as my own personal army. Anyone who reads this will know that I never once made a call to action. This post is clearly meant to show my side of things. KiA censoring this is very telling and is just another reason why I needed to write this.

Have you ever made fun of someone on twitter and then seen them form a grudge against you so hard that they just started balantly lying about you in hopes that people would just listen and believe? I have and I still don’t understand why. By the way if you’ve never heard of Randi Harper well… God bless you sweet honey child.

So there’s this person named Hope McKenna on Twitter. This is literally the first time I encountered Hope. She jumps in and tries to claim SJWs are communists… I don’t know why. I called her stupid and teased her for a little while and she freaked out.

First here’s some background on my original Tweet Hope resonded too.

There’s a major difference between activists and SJWs. Yes there are SJWs who ACT like activists too but in general SJWs are people who use Social Justice topics to gain attention. They’re keyboard warriors usually. They don’t actually support the causes they tweet or blog about. #gamergate has proven this multiple times. They’re usually hypocritcal and use “fighting for Social Justice” to hide the fact that they’re abusive or trolls or assholes or etc.

Recently it’s became clear that SJWs aren’t just progressives. The Alt right has a huge amount of SJWs who demand equality for white people, gay people, and women. They use these Social justice issues to show why all people from Muslim countries need to be banned from entering the US or England or whatever. They want the same things progressive SJWs do. Attention (and apartheid) now it’s obviously very possible that some SJWs believe what they’re saying too but in general the term SJW describes someone who instead of being a social justice activist is a person who wants attention, power, and money from the activist crowd but isn’t interested in actually helping out “the cause” in a meaningful way.

People actually started calling these people Social Justice Warriors to mock them. It’s similar to the term keyboard warriors. People are mocking them. They’re clearly not brave or experienced. A lot of the SJWs who borderline believe what they preach on the internet are teenagers who just don’t know any better and are enacting a very modern version of teenage rebellion. They wanna seem different and special. They act like trolls.

As I said earlier I think SJW is a neutral term. A great example of an apolitical group of SJWs is Autism Speaks. They’re notorious for making money off of the struggles of autistic people while encouraging dangerous and just plain wrong ideas about autism and autistic people. Also they don’t actually help autistic people. They just used the niche of autism to make money and seem important.

So when it comes down to it SJWs aren’t activists though SJWs do actually control activists sometimes. Many activists are actually for lack of a better word brainwashed by SJWs. It’s very cultlike. Anyways claiming SJWs are communists and therefore anyone demanding a higher minium wage is a SJW communist is asinine. The only way I can see someone making this claim is because they’re ignorant of communism or ignorant of the history of Social Justice Warriors or ignorant of the fact that plenty of people would just like to be paid more.

The desire to want to be paid more and wanting low skilled workers paid more is the main reason why people ignore the economic reality of what would happen if the government forced companies to raise the minium wage beyond what it currently is. Companies are free to raise it on their own which can be viewed as noble depending on where the company is located but in the end the consumers will be impacted which in term will impact the low skilled workers and eventually this could lead to bankruptcy. I’d rather not see companies forced to do this partly because I don’t wanna have to pay more for products and services.

Anyway back to Hope McKenna, after freaking out she went around telling people that Allum Bokhari was lying in the article he wrote about my original twitter account @AndrewGleason being supsended.

Later on she started lying about our original encounter by claiming I said I wanted a higher minimum wage. This is an example of when she did it for no reason. I didn’t even prompt her to do by teasing her. As you can see I never said that once. She’s even linked to the original tweets where I never said that and said the opposite. Plenty of people believe her anyways.

Then there’s the time she got a KotakuInAction (NOTE: The previous link was broken in a former draft of this article.) post about Allum Bokhari’s article locked. She went on it and claimed I was threanting to shoot her cause I posted one tweet mocking the time she claimed she was attempting to “decimate” me and it featured a picture of an otter holding a gun. Then she claimed a seperate tweet with no connection to her saying “I’mma shoot you up bae.” featuring an otter holding a squirt gun was also a threat to shoot her. Then she claims a tweet made by @LiveBeef saying, “You don’t create the law. You don’t enforce the law. You don’t interpret the law. Period.” is Livebeef claiming she SWATed me. Then without an archive she claims I’m responsible for #gamergate’s bad image in the media… she said this on KotakuInAction. She follows this up with two archives. One is of me honestly stating I don’t know who she is. I didn’t when she first approached me and still don’t. Nor do I care. I do care about knowing why she hates me so much. I mean I called her stupid and teased her on twitter. Seems kind of stupid to hate someone this much for doing that. The next archive is according to her showing that responding to someone subtweeting her and I with a joke about telling the person to back me proves I’m like not an adult. NO FUN ALLOWED!!! This quickly became ironic later because she ended up forcing anyone who followed me and her to unfollow her. Her reasoning is because if you follow BOTH me and her “your taste is shit

All of this is very bizzare. She takes jokes I make completely seriously (possibly for sympathy) and stalks me and tries to tell turn my friends against me by balatantly lying to them. She’s even claimed I should be suspended from Twitter for teasing her once after a long period of ignoring her and having her muted so I wouldn’t see her response. She’s claimed many times that I’ve been harassing her… if being teased on twitter, getting called stupid a handful of times and being ignored by one person is harassment then according to Hope #Gamergate is a harassment campaign of women cause supporters of #Gamergate mocked female journalists and trolled them. Obviously that’s a stupid thing to claim but that’s esentially what Hope is claiming about me. I made fun of her and called her stupid and she felt entitled to have a debate with me and when I denied her that cause I didn’t feel like aruguing with someone who was completely missing the point of what I was saying she turned into a victim in her eyes. Hope has been claiming she was a victim of being called stupid on Twitter by someone who didn’t know who she was.

I actually would have just eventually ignored her completely. I mean I’ve had her muted for a long time but she kept lying about me and wants to decimate me so I’ll be an example for the rest of Gamergate+. Yes she believes that Gamergate+ exists and that I’m their leader or something. She’s just so mockable and I’ve seen plenty of Gamergate supporters do this to others. I like to mock a lot of people which is why I’m not very popular anymore. I’m not gonna just ignore Hope though cause she’s a teenage girl. I’m not a feminist. I don’t think women should be given special treatment. In Hope’s eyes though I’m a progressive SJW communist harasser that should be suspended from twitter for disagreeing with her and calling her stupid. Also anything I say that proves her wrong is a lie in order to further my goals. Basically it’s just crazy.