On Empathy and Harassment in #GamerGate
Brad Glasgow

I completely agree. This is why I created the Gamergate Hug Patrol. I wanted to encourage others to be nice and encourage empathy. Sure I’ve been mean like everyone else has but I’ve tried to be empathic and have sympathy for those that I feel needed it on both sides. I’m not perfect cause no one is and it’s been a struggle because both Gamergate and anti-Gamergate encourage “burning” the other side over all else even their own stated goals. This is the problem with social media though and humanity in general... so I don’t know… it’s complicated like eating the booty like groceries.

This is why being an extreme moderate is important to me personally. I’m not neutral by any means but I refuse to just nod and agree with things that I don’t think are right or aren’t explained well. This has made me unpopular with many in Gamergate. Anti-Gamergate doesn’t seem to acknowledge me because I’m pretty problematic to their narrative. I’ve tried being nice to anti-Gamergate people before and get ignored or one time hilariously I was noticed by this one guy and he was like, “That otter guy is cool.” then he found out I was Gamergate and blocked me… so yeah… the booty groceries of gamergate’s empathy are a human problem which can’t be fixed. Only worked on by indivuals.

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