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I’ve always been fascinated by technological advances that combine every day Any new technology is designed to solve a problem or make life easier in some form. I find the audio sunglasses market somewhat odd as a result. It’s relatively new, but I don’t quite understand the problem that audio sunglasses are trying to solve. In a sense, by combining two “devices” (i.e. sunglasses and headphones), one device serves two purposes.

Well, at some point, companies identified this as a problem that needs a solution and so many companies have found a solution to that problem with the creation of…

I was recently surprised to discover BC MASTER, a sub-brand of AUKEY, a fairly well-known consumer technology company. Both brands sell some similar products so I imagine BC MASTER is a brand that might simply appeal to certain regions in the world. There isn’t really much published about the history of the brand, so I’d love to learn from the AUKEY team how the BC MASTER brand came to be.

Regardless, I was given the opportunity to test and review the BC MASTER USB C 10,000mAh Power Bank and it did not disappoint! …

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BESTEK is a consumer electronics brand that has been around since December 2007. They specialize in power inverters, power converters, and surge protectors, among other things. In this review, I’m going feature the BESTEK M-Care Electric Toothbrush which I had the opportunity to test out for myself recently.

At a glance:

  • Price: $49.99 at BESTEK
  • Weight: 60.00 grams
  • Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • Standby Time: Up to 21 days
  • Charging Time: 10 hours
  • Vibration Frequency: 31,000 strokes/min
  • Waterproof Level: IP67
  • Brushing Modes: Standard, Soft, Whitening
  • Time Settings: 2 min, 2.5 min, 3 min

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At a glance:

  • Price: $64.99 (at Amcrest) or $57.99 (at Amazon)
  • CMOS ⅓ image sensor.
  • Auto white balance adjustments allow the camera to output the best image quality in different environments.
  • 3.6mm Lens features a wide 90° viewing angle.
  • Full-HD1080p @ 30fps.
  • Built-in dual 3D noise-reducing microphone.
  • USB 2.0 Connection.
  • Supports H.264 compression, mjpeg, & YUV protocols
  • Works with Windows, Mac OS and Android etc.
  • Platform Compatibility: Skype, Youtube, Yahoo!@Messenger, MSN, Zoom, Windows Live@Messager, Gmail, Android IPTV, WeChat, etc.
  • 6 ft USB Cable.
  • Weight: 0.41lbs.

In the box:

  • 1080p Webcam (AWC2198)
  • User Manual

Initial Impressions

Right out of the box, the Amcrest…

I’ve never been a big fan of airpod-style earbuds, but i’ve been impressed with the quality products that AUKEY produces so I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to challenge my opinion. If you’re in the market for a pair of true-wireless earbuds, read ahead to get a close-up look at the AUKEY EP-N5 earbuds.

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At a glance:

  • Price: $59.99 (currently available on Amazon for $49.99)
  • Active Noise Cancellation (detect and cancel a maximum 28dB of ambient noise)
  • 10mm dynamic drivers
  • 7 hours of music and calls on a single charge (or 4.5 hours with ANC on)
  • Total of…

If you’re a fan of the Samsung Galaxy line of phones then this review is for you! The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the latest in Samsung’s flagship phone lineup (along with the Galaxy S20 and S20+), but one of special features of the S20 Ultra is it’s 100x zoom. Like any phone, you’ll need a reliable case to protect it. Check out Evutec’s Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Ballistic Nylon Case!

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At a glance:

  • Price: $29.99 (at Evutec or Amazon)
  • Ballistic Nylon exterior
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • Compatible with magnetic vent mount
  • Wireless charging compatibility
  • Honeycomb interior for additional drop protection

In July 2004, Motorola released a phone called the Razr, which was incredibly popular and saw many iterations over the years. At the time of it’s release, it was the slimmest phone on the market and it stood out easily as a “fashion” product.

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The Razr V3i (2005)

Of course, today, companies like Apple and Samsung dominate the mobile smartphone market, but in recent years we’ve seen a new category of mobile devices that are foldable (in the sense that the screen is foldable). …

Today, true-wireless earbuds are all the hype. It seems as though every major player in the consumer audio space is on a mission to create a great selection of high-end and low-end models. These have their pros and cons, and while that’s an article for another time, one of the pros is that “wireless” earbuds are incredibly cheap and readily available. AUKEY’s EP-B56 wireless earbuds are one such pair that are pretty great.

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Let’s start with some basics:

  • Price: $23.99 on Amazon (at the time of writing this review an extra 10% discount was also available).
  • Battery life: 8–10 hours…

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Evutec AER Series iPhone X/Xs Karbon Black Case

In case you missed it, I recently shared my thoughts and experience with Evutec’s AER Series Burmese Rosewood iPhone X/Xs Case (Spoiler alert: It was great)! In this review, i’d like to follow up with a review of the Karbon Black version of the AER Series iPhone X/Xs Case.

At a glance:

  • Price: $39.99 (directly from Evutec’s website) or $33.99 (currently on Amazon)
  • Aramid Fiber exterior
  • 1.6 mm slim profile
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • EVUSOF+: Proprietary material that allows for better shock absorption while maintaining color and structural integrity

In the box:

  • Evutec AER Series iPhone X/Xs Wood Burmese Rosewood Case

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Evutec AER Series iPhone X/Xs Wood Burmese Rosewood

If you’re a smartphone owner, you probably also have a case to protect your $1,000+, primarily glass, investment. If not, you can skip this review and continue living on the edge!

The phone case market is seemingly over-saturated. If you search on Amazon, you’ll find thousands of cases from all kinds of companies ranging from familiar household names to more obscure companies.

For me, Evutec is one of those obscure companies I hadn’t heard much about before, but after having an opportunity to test their AER Series iPhone X/Xs Case, I’m paying closer attention from now on because they’re onto…

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