Rest Day

Powerstock Common — Dorset by Andrew Westcott

I’m feeling lazy today. I just thought I would publish some photographs from yesterday when I went walking with my friend on Powerstock Common. We do this walk quite regularly in all seasons and I love seeing the changes as they occur. Powerstock Common is owned and managed by the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

A few weeks ago we did the same walk and saw a Green Veined Orchid. It’s not the best specimen as the flowers are already going over. It’s a matter of timing and I was just a little bit too late on this one.

Green Veined Orchid 
Photograph by Andrew Westcott

Yesterday we saw a Heath Spotted Orchid. I’m a little bit early on this one as you can see the flowers are still coming out. I expect that by the time I’m able to go around Powerstock again these flowers will be going over as well.

Heath Spotted Orchid
photograph by Andrew Westcott

And lastly there is the Bogbean. Found in ponds this spreads rapidly and needs to be kept under control otherwise it will strangle everything else in there.

photograph by Andrew Westcott