Lee-Ann watched him on the opposite side of the room. Breath quickening her heart raced. It had been a long time since she’d known lust like this. This was temptation right on a plate, trembling she had to have him tonight. Licking moist lips, how would he taste? A shiver ran down her spine she was conscious of the glow as a blush spread across her chest, throat and cheeks. Oblivious to everyone else at the party, she wasn’t usually as bold as this but feint heart didn’t get you anywhere not here not tonight.

Lee-Ann moved nearer he hadn’t seen her yet, just sitting there looking attractive to everybody. Hands off ladies he’s mine, she flashed her eyes at any women in the vicinity. She grasped a glass from the table as she passed by and downed it in one to steady her trembling hands; she drank another. The alcohol was working calming her nerves giving her much needed dutch-courage.

Lee-Ann only had eyes for him, closer now so close she could smell him. Ooh, he smelled so tempting. Weak at the knees she nearly collapsed to the floor. Contain yourself girl, people are looking. An empty seat near to him, Lee-Ann couldn’t restrain herself any longer. She caught hold of him with both hands. Pulling him off the plate she sank her face into him and took an enormous mouthful of waffle her lips and nose were daubed with cream. Wow! Delicious Lee-Ann had eaten nothing this good since she had begun her diet.


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