Andrew H Campbell of Bellevue, NE Recommends Ways to Give Back to The Community

It is the season of giving, and donating time, effort, or money to the local community has longstanding effects, both for the public and the individual generously offering his or her contributions. One can be involved on a semi-regular basis or, graciously, commit themselves to multiple projects and events. For those who are curious as to the best manner of commencing their work to assist the community, Andrew H Campbell, who currently resides in Bellevue, NE, has determined a handful of terrific ways for people to embrace the spirit of giving.

Participate in Food Drives

Holiday seasons are jam-packed with food drives to support the less fortunate, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to partake in these projects. You can provide unopened canned or boxed food of your own, collect from the nearby neighborhoods, or accomplish both, as it will not be very time-consuming. Andrew H Campbell of Bellevue, NE is adamant that spending an hour to transport your household goods will be tremendously helpful, but, if it requires more than one haul for you to deliver all of the food, then you can be comforted in the fact that you surpassed expectations and went the extra mile to help the less fortunate.

Give Blood

The majority of people between the ages of 17 and 65 can donate blood, with men capable of giving every three months and women every four. Once you locate your local donor center, you can set up an appointment and get started, as pumping out a pint of blood can take as little as ten minutes. Again, it won’t eat up too much of your time, assuming you are not squeamish around needles, and your donation will potentially save future lives.

Help the Elderly

Ripping out weeds, mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges can be problematic for someone who has mobility limits or joint pain. Don your favorite gardening outfit, complete with the overalls and elegant gloves, and help these neighbors tidy up their yard. Or, if you’re an indoor person, you can assist them with basic, essential cleaning duties such as dusting and sweeping. Either way, your work will be greatly appreciated as your local neighborhood will be better off.

Volunteer Your Time

Schools and non-profit organizations are in constant need of assistance, which is where you can step in to read stories to the youth, monitor activities, chaperone students for field trips or help improve the community. Similarly, hospitals are always aching for more volunteers, as you can stand over information booths, spend time with patients or work with children. Lastly, there is the preparation and serving of food through local charities, efforts that benefit the poor, homeless and unemployed. A monetary value does not necessarily have to be attached to your donation, as the investment of time is quite valued by all communities. Andrew H Campbell of Bellevue, NE asserts that often, volunteered time is in much higher demand than donated money and goods because of a lack of volunteers. Additionally, you can try to get your company involved in your volunteer efforts as many hands can make light work.

Organize a Charity Yard Sale

Ransack your childhood toys, outdated technological devices or unused clothing, gather them up and put them up for sale, at a reasonable price. Organizing a community yard sale, with the proceeds going to a local charity or cause, is an easily manageable, yet extremely serviceable, method of aiding others. With a good cause as the objective, many people will flock to donate some of their old no-longer used goods for charity. Hold off on tossing those items out and, instead, help the community while you free up some attic or closet space in your home. Even if not everything sells, you can then give the rest of the items to charities within your city.

Andrew H Campbell of Bellevue, NE believes that it does not take much to be able to make a noticeable impact within a community. What is most important is to find which form of volunteering or giving you are most passionate about and then follow through with it throughout the year.

Andrew H. Campbell of Omaha, Nebraska is the Director of the International Peace and Leadership Institute. He provides training through public speaking.

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