My name is Dr. Andrew H Campbell and I am the Director of the International Peace and Leadership Institute located in Omaha, Nebraska. I provide emerging organizational and strategic leadership research and development via face to face and online training programs.

Dr. Andrew H. Campbell of Omaha, NE speaking at the Hague.

I am a retired senior military officer and I hold a Masters in Diplomacy in International Conflict Management from Norwich University as well as a Doctorate in Global Leadership from the Indiana Institute of Technology. Currently, I work for the Department of Defense specializing in Weapons of Mass Destruction, Counter-Terrorism and Global Security Cooperation. Also, am an Adjunct Leadership Professor for Air Force Command and Staff College, Adjunct Professor for Federal Executive Institute, Leadership for Democratic Society-Crisis Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence and Leading Change at Norwich University located in Vermont.

I am also a published author in both national and international journals, as well as an internationally recognized speaker. I have addressed the World Society of Victimology at the Hague, the International Peace Leadership at the World Unity Center in India, I was a keynote speaker at International Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution in Bangkok Thailand, spoke at the European Consortium for Political Research and am a regular speaker at the International Leadership Association. I have recently published my first book ever, mixing peace and leadership called Peace Leadership: Self-Transformation to Peace, which explores leadership theories to conceptualize the intersection of leadership and peace within conflict management and resolution.

For more information about me and what I do, please visit

Andrew H. Campbell of Omaha, Nebraska is the Director of the International Peace and Leadership Institute. He provides training through public speaking.

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