I find this lack of diligence infuriating. These intellectuals — much smarter than me — imagine block chain technology for cryptocurrencies and how to cure diseases, but don’t put in the effort to comprehend ownership percentages or what a ratchet means in a down round. Why?
I Don’t Care How Well You Code, Understand Your Compensation
Arthur Levy

I think this simply due to a lack of interest in wealth creation.

Engineers are builders. Most of us are people who like to create things so we can look upon our creation and say, “I built that.” Even if it’s only to ourselves. It’s how we get our buzz.

Financial minds are wealth creators. Big bankrolls is how they get their buzz.

Wealth isn’t something tangible like a bridge or a piece of software. Nowadays, it’s a number on a screen. For engineers, a big bankroll isn’t seen as thought-provoking, so it’s not worth our limited time on this earth.

All that said, I really appreciate your insights and will seek to better understand these matters.

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