Just my imagination.

First lets imagine that I have readers. Ok, so there are probably a couple. Readers simply implies there is more than one. So How would I write directly to you? My readers. Let say that you are mainly 18–35 ish. Being as I don't have a lot of exposure at this point I am gonna say that you probably live near Memphis either at home with your parents or are in dorm or temp housing for college. Do not to be offended by my assumptions, there are of course exceptions to everything. 4th walls be damned. Shout out to my readers Ms Crawford#1 and of course, Hi mom, love you#2. See, readers.

Why are you here?

Well I want you to come here to be entertained. I want you to come here to see what kind of adventures that I might be going on to rehome the thousands of books that I have acquired. I want you to be entertained by me telling you how I hope that you are entertained. Ikr? I imagine that you are interested in education in some way. Yours, mine, someone else's. You are here looking for edutainment. You want to read this post and get yourself a positive feeling and walk away with a new book that you must read and feel good after you read it. If no ones told you today you are amazing. Just saying. I do not think that you are here to be lectured to and have things broken down and explained to you. You do not like rude people or people that make you feel like there is something that you have to do right now. People read books to learn new things, to escape or just get lost in Oz or Middle Earth or Hogwarts or Narnia or Neverland or Castle Rock for a while.

What do I do for you? How do I help?

Well I am glad that you asked. I wanna try to offer you some thing that is insightful and fun every time you are here. Not just for me either, even though its mostly about me. I figure if I am entertained so are you! right? When I sit down at the keyboard I have two things in mind, my lesson, Keeping and learning this blog is my assignment, and what I really want to do, entertaining and educating, making people pick up books that is a serious perk. If I can make the two work together, its gravy.

In conclusion…

I vowed at some point in my adult life to never say in conclusion in anything that I ever would write. There it is though, glaring out at me. Ill get back to telling you about sorting and selling and my opinions on books next time. Tonight, mere hours before a certain assignment will be late, I wanna tell everyone to pick up a book this week that you have already read. Something that is worn and comfortable to put on like your favorite t-shirt to sleep in. Something you have read many times and still gives you serious feels when you get to that one special spot. Any respectable bibliophile has there own goto. I know which one ill be reading. Was not a coincidence that Oz was first on my list of places to get lost earlier. I always go there.


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