My metrics you metrics.

Viral content, is hard.

J.R.R.Tolkien does a bit of lite reading.

I can not help it that people do not know what one of the most popular authors on the planet looked like.

Viral content can be anything, any type of content. Mostly I see memes but there are many other kinds. Since the beat here is books that's what I went with book themed and people reading books. Book people often reading other book people.

In the case of some of my images I think that it just flew over peoples heads so to speak. For example if you don't know who Doris Day is or that Neil Patrick Harris like her than this image is not nearly as funny.

Doris Day catching up on N.P.H.

If you are in the loop then it is quite funny. Possibly the same reason that not many people got this one either.

A hero reads a hero.

George Takei is a huge Errol Flynn fan. So this image might make him smile but did not do so well in the viral content dept for me. I decide that I would take a chance and take some of the celebrities that were the most active on social media and flatter them with things that they liked. I figured if I got one of them to retweet or share my post that it would go viral quick. That boat didn't sink but it definitely didn't fly either.

This is a famous picture of hitchcock biting a book. a few minutes in photoshop and he is eating Alton Brown's book GoodEats. Once again I guess that there are a lot of people who do not know who this is and therefore makes it a lot less effective.

I thought the next image was brilliant it was the first one that i actually came up with when I tripped over the image I was like “I know exactly what to do with this!”

While cruising around online looking for celebrities reading books I tripped over a very nice image from a photoshoot that was to promote the release of Dracula starring Bela Lugosi. The cast were standing around reading the book Dracula and I thought to myself. What if the cast of Dracula were reading about another vampire. Salems Lot, that is perfect. Its Author Stephen King is very active on social media maybe we will get a hit there.

Vampires reading about vampires.

I just knew that this image was going to be the one that would do it. Still there was something that people just didn't get. so the point of the matter here is, it is hard to get this stuff in front of a lot of people. I know now ill send them out with alarms that go off when you open the image. gotta do something to get peoples attention.