Why Am I So Fat?
Sara Benincasa

Clearly this post took longer than 10 minutes to write and the person who asked about your weight gain occupied an awful lot of time in your head. It seems to me that you’re sensitive about your weight, as many of us are. From what I can tell the original question was politely asked, but intrusive. I think celebrities have to accept the fact that when they use social media to promote themselves, they invite fans into the most intimate parts of their lives, and that creates a familiarity that may not otherwise exist.

Being overweight does not invalidate all of your talents & accomplishments, but I think if we’re all honest with ourselves about our weight gain, we realize that we are ultimately responsible for it. I have put a lot of weight on in the past few years. It started because I had a back injury which severely limited the amount of physical activity I could do. Then it was compounded with an extremely stressful schedule of work and school. Late nights studying after a full day of work. Too little sleep which increased my cortisol levels leading to weight gain. I also ended up eating a lot of junk because I didn’t have time to cook, and my work/school schedule often meant I was eating very late, times when most restaurants were closed, so I would any crap I could get my hands on. My weight gain only exacerbated my back injury, which lead to further immobility. It was vicious cycle. This summer, I took responsibility for my weight gain, and I took back control of my life. I created a strict schedule for myself. Sundays, I would cook healthy food and dole it out in tupperwear in portion control sizes for the entire week. Then I would put healthy snacks in tupperwear and put them in fridge. This was I would be able to eat healthily at any time of the night or day. I also created a strict study schedule, so I would be able to get more sleep. Some days I feel like I am in the army, but my weight is slowly coming off, and I am slowly easing back into exercise. If I didn’t have the back injury, I would be more aggressive about it.

On the social side, I’ve learned to be less sensitive when people ask me about my weight. I can’t change what others do, I can only change my responses. I no longer waste time getting upset. Society will judge me for my weight, I can’t change that. I am focusing on me and what I can change. For me, taking personal responsibility for my weight has dramatically helped.

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