Chance Encounter at The Chandelier Bar

The blanket of night cannot contain me, cannot sedate. Only your voice, your eyes, the secret smile you give me.

No counting sheep, instead I recount every moment, tracing my fingertips across your freckles, pinning your wrists, running my tongue across the places that make you writhe, shake, grip my hair and pull me to you.Lust is not enough for what we had those nights; a fiery romance created by two strangers, a connection fueled by laughter, the sweet burn of liquor, the daring caresses on a casino floor.

When your lips meet mine, when your smile brightens your mischievous eyes, I am drowned. I long for you, fighting to the surface only to dive deeper into your waters.

Reward this love-torn dreamer, and I will return the favor a thousand times over.