An Open Letter To You
talia jane

This is the biggest load of crap I have read. I have opened up an account on here solely to make a comment on your pathetic way of looking at life, so here it goes.

You talk about coming out of with a master in English, expecting this luxurious lifestyle to just fall into your lap with zero stress. To only find out that life outside of the “party and study bubble” is a whole lot of stress. Well news flash for you, THATS LIFE. Life is about making mistakes, taking on copious amounts of stress and learning how to better yourself. You mention at the beginning of your rant, that when apply for your job you decided to take the easy road go for the job that was at the bottom of the totem pole, instead of applying for marketing job or something that your master degree meets. Well my question to you is, why would you not go for that better job? Like I said life is about learning and making mistakes. You come out of university no better off then you are and don’t go for that better job. Why not go for it you’re not going to be in any less of the situation you are in. You excuse you make little money and having nothing at the end of the day is a product of you own inability to reach for the stars.

Now here is the other issue, which is the obvious one everyone has already explained to you. The good things in life do not get handed to you on a silver platter. At the age of 18 I went to college, at the age of 18 I dropped out of college. I was not happy with being there and after having applied for a student loan and using that loan I dropped out of college to only have a debt and no money, and having to move back home. When approaching my parents about what I had decided there was only one solution my parents found fit. Get a job and start pay my rent at home. Having being a employee at McDonald’s through high school I went back there to work. Finally getting a job with a landscape company. I still worked at McDonald’s on nights and weekends. My new job at the landscape company I worked for was one city over and I did not own a car. So I was up at 5am every morning to catch 3 buses to get me to work every morning for 7am. Leaving work I would get off between 6pm and 7pm, not getting home until around 9pm. I would then eat go work at McDonald’s or head to bed. This was my life for 3 years, where I finally got a promotion to a crew leader and decent raise and was able to afford to not have to work at McDonald’s. I am now the head of construction for a different landscape company, were I have a nice salary wage and company truck to drive. Oh, I have also recently purchased my first home and my debts are paid off. I am now 26, these accomplishments only came with time, eight years of time to be exact. So what is you issue? You come out of university and expect to be given what you want when you don’t go for what you could have. You don’t work around your wage that you agreed on by applying for the lesser job and agreeing with it upon being hired. Now you argue you deserve more without a ounce of trying to earn it or work for it. You and I are the same age and yes I started working at 18 and 8 years later I should be able to afford a house and make a decent salary. But, you are 25 just out of university and expect the be close to the same. The world doesn’t work like that, you need to get blood on your hands, scares on your knuckles, dig deep and push yourself through the worst before you deserve the best. To you I say grow up.

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