The Gospel According to Gary

Or How to Gain 12 Leads in 60 Seconds by Baring Your Soul

As I watched the faces of the networking group, I knew they’ve never heard anyone quite like me speak live before. My methods are very different from what people are used to hearing in offices. But this time, I’ve pushed the envelope. I’ve said too much. This is TOO real for people out in the real world.

I’ve just made the transition into full time marketer and it has started off with a hiss. I am getting small gigs, but I am looking at creating a local agency, which means I need some long term clients. This means, I need to stand out. For that, I move to my virtual mentor, Gary Vaynerchuck.

Why him? I think Gary Vaynerchuck is spitting fire right now, almost like a virtual “burning bush” as it seems we are indeed coming to the end of the industrial revolution and at the beginning of a different kind of information driven “work era” altogether.

I can admit, I am not sure what this era will be called, but one thing’s for sure, he’s proven a guy can say he’s been working at buying a sports team, then create an audience of followers who want nothing more than to watch him to it, and create their own channels by following him like scripture. In other words, it’s almost like watching a REAL reality television program, or better yet, learning how to create your own.

I have to admit, I’m in love with the very thought of this. Growing up, all I ever wanted was my own channel. Somewhere I could share my thoughts, passions, trials and triumphs. Now, I’m literally watching a high level executive hustle during the climb. Being privy to those 1% improvements invisible to the naked eye of the many, but when analyzed by the few, show the awesome power of compounding hard at work. Nothing mystical or mischievous about the climb to the top. Just pure, home grown entrepreneurial spirit, some of us term “hustle”.

The messiah of hustle is this guy, Gary Vee. He’s preaching selling with self awareness as your guide.

Challenge accepted.

Now back in the present, here I sit, at a networking group breakfast meeting where professionals in sales related fields get together to analyze each other, get ideas on how to beat the other person to the “money” in the area, and all around become a network of hustlers.

Disclaimer: That may or may not be what other people use it for, but that’s how I use it.

Anyway, I tell them the story how I decided to chose myself and help other older, established professionals find and utilize their story to sell for them. Feeling anxious as always, which is what tends to happen to me when I’m in front of groups of people, I then went on to awkwardly explain how I came to this conclusion after watching 20 people die working for the top hospital system in the nation.

This has to happen quickly, mind you, because I only have a minute to talk before I get booted off of my temporary stage. I go through flashes of memories, and explain in as few words as possible the brief, yet captivating conversations we shared. Before those patients expired, I talked to every one that was able to talk, about how they wished they had done more of something in their lives.

Some talked about taking better care of themselves, sure, but most talked about writing a book; another wishing they’d followed up on an invention or an idea they had a long time ago; one even wanted to be a pilot but settled for mechanic, because she was a woman…

All of them would then beg me to take care of myself, but most of all, others that are around me. My loved ones, my partners, my friends. Those relationships are the only real solace in the end. It’s a much easier transition being surrounded by caring voices instead of the sounds and alarms of hospital equipment.

So, with only 10 seconds left on the clock, I paraphrase all of these conversations into one thought. Awkwardly, I blurted out

“ People need to… just let what they love kill them in the future so they can concentrate fully on the tasks needed to kick ass here in the present. I can help with that. Thank you.”

Then I sat down and literally heard one clap. It could have just been my own hands clasping together so I didn’t fall off of the face of the Earth due to embarrassment, who knows?

Do I think they all believe I’m crazy? Absolutely. Crazy also has a cousin Sizzle and cousin Spice. At the end of the meeting, I was rushed by a crowd of what I thought were angry townsfolk with pitchforks and torches, who proved to be professionals who loved my “pitch”.

I gained 12 HOT leads that meeting alone, 3 of which are seeing me later today or tomorrow. How’s that for someone diagnosed with severe anxiety and delusions of grandure.

I’m goofy, witty and tell a LOT of bad jokes. I’m awkwardly embarrassing to be around, and at times, I mumble when I talk. Sizzle and Spice pulls people out of their comfort zone. THAT’S where the magic of selling happens for me, where other’s comfort zone ends and my sizzle and spice begins.

— A

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Oh, Thanks Gary Vaynerchuk for kicking my comfort zone in the di(k and making me realize I can do the same to others. Figuratively.