I’ll take one Journalist to go please.

It bothers me that people like Tim Pool consider themselves journalists. Any one with a phone and an internet connection can consider themselves journalists these days. It bothers me that people go through all this training and someone with a phone is considered a journalist. The people that go through all this training, learn the ethics of journalism, the law of journalism; the people who just use a phone and call themselves journalists can ruin the credibility of a professionally trained journalist.


The problem I have with people being on YouTube is they don’t have any rules to follow as someone who would if they were at a news station. There aren’t any repercussions if you get something wrong.

Now that isn’t to say that what people like Tim Pool do is bad, in fact I think it’s great. However I think someone who is a trained journalist should sift through the information to make sure it is credible. You wouldn’t be a citizen doctor trying to help? I personally do not have the medical experience to perform a surgery on a random person. The same can and should be said to people who aren’t trained as journalists.

Evernote- Evernote is a note taking app. Especially after my past week where I was in court all week for a manslaughter case, this app would have been great.

You can take notes, pictures, and audio recordings and it saves them all into one page. For example, I could have used the audio recordings to take sound bites and then when we go back to the newsroom I already know what sound bites I want to use. What is even better is I can send my notes back to the newsroom via email/text/twitter etc. and basically have my story written. This would have come in handy Thursday when I had done a live shot and package all from the courthouse. It would have made life that much easier.

Flush- You guessed it, flush is a public restroom finder app. Now I have been lucky enough to not be too far from a restroom whilst on a story, yet you never know when it could save you. Its pretty self explanatory, you just put in your location and public restrooms appear. There isn’t that much to it.

Timecode+- Another useful app if you are in court and are using a pool camera.

Timecode+ does cost money but you no longer have to write down time codes or look at your camera person to tell you time codes. It allows you to make notes on the time code in the minute. You can also sync your time code to the camera time code to make things that much easier. This app is also pretty self explanatory.

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