7 reasons You should FORCE your kids to read the Gates Letter

Wow am I impressed with and inspired by Bill Gates, lately.

You should definitely read this: www.GatesLetter.com

Please, text this url, facebook it, and even make a snap chat video where you tell them just to go to it, and send it to every high school student you know. You’ll probably be the 3rd or 4th person to talk to them, but that’s ok.

The headline is

“2 Super Powers We Wish We Had”

My big takeaway — They’re writing to high school students because they are the ones who will ultimately solve these problems.

Some reasons you should read it:

  1. I’m spending the time I’d normally spend on writing this, reading this letter…
  2. Billionaires, are not created equal. We have a good number of billionaires on the planet, relatively few are willing to share their thinking for a variety of reasons that are all probably reasonable
  3. Not that many billionaires are like Gates and have had the kind of impact on society, and executed his constant level of thinking.
  4. He has an engineering mind that made him the richest guy or #2 in the world for a long long time, and that mind fixates on long range problems and their solutions
  5. Bill is trying to save the world… I think he’s one of the more clear voices and one I must respect a great deal because of the quality of his thinking.
  6. Reading this letter will make you grateful for what you have, while inspiring you to think and do more and better…
  7. THE BIG REASON: We all want to make an impact, here’s one of the people I think is one of the smartest problem solvers in the world saying “look! here’s the 1 thing that has the biggest impact, let’s solve it”

Some Quotes The Lazy Ones

“Scientists say that to avoid these dramatic long-term changes to the climate, the world must cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent by 2050, and eliminate them entirely by the end of the century.
When I first heard this I was surprised. Can’t we just aim to cut carbon emissions in half? I asked many scientists. But they all agreed that wouldn’t be enough. The problem is that CO2lingers in the atmosphere for decades. Even if we halted carbon emissions tomorrow, the temperature would still rise because of the carbon that’s already been released. No, we need to get all the way down to zero.” — Bill Gates

Let me be clear, based on what he is saying here, and what I’ve listened to of other talks, focusing on reducing our individual carbon footprint is going to be completely fruitless. Anyone who stands on a soap box and screams about how people flying in private jets or you driving your car to work is killing the planet is not thinking.

Yeah we’re emitting carbon, and many highly intelligent minds agree it’s a problem.

The solution and the problem are different though, the solution is innovation not conservation, and it sure as hell isn’t regulation.

It’s about investment, inspiration, and innovation.

Look at all those words… “In”

Look at the opposite, conservation, regulation, desperation, taxation…

We need to be people putting things into the world not trying to squeeze them out of it.

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