Daily writing exercises and why goals too often don’t work

I have a button I created on my phone with an app called workflow.

All it does is make 3 notes in Evernote the second I hit it.

The notes are super simple, here’s what they say (by the way this daily routine is responsible for at least 80% of my successes)

The ideas of focusing in some way every day in goals and gratitude is really powerful, what’s made it 10x more powerful is the 10 idea method from James Altuchure.

The details of how and why these work are posts for another day. There are however today, for me only two important insights.

#1: I know already before getting out of bed that I’m going to have an amazing day today and tomorrow, because I did my daily writing exercises and they went really well and moreover I haven’t done them in a while.

#2: I can’t seem to figure out why and how to really balance these things in the right rythmn.

If I do it daily it becomes route and loses some of the potency and effectiveness. When I spread it out too much I loose direction, clarity and mental sharpness.

If you read this, I’d love to hear what you think?

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