How Often Do You Take A Shower In The Winter?

DATA: Proof the world is getting better

This is my favorite page on the internet today...

I know that's very year 2000 of me, but 2 of the best books I've read in the last 5 years were both by Peter Diamandis. "Abundance" and "Bold"

If you're freaking out about what's happening in the world, you should read Abundance, you should look at this page today instead of the news and what we choose to do with our time, resources and abilities will have a much greater impact on the speed with which each of us sees improvement in our lives than who we chose for office, what's on the news, or even what the latest product announcement is.

If you want a road map to working on something that fulfills you, and helps you to realize abundance faster, then read Bold.

Either way, take a look at some of the great charts on

There's a lot of great evidence there that we're getting better...

Some Favorites

Just browsing a bit to show you some proof I liked.

Money, Resources, Time

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