Growth focus is the only way I know to grow a company

I know that’s kind of zen-y, “the only way to focus is to focus” yet it’s actually true, let me show you what I mean…

I’ve almost only been successful so far at growing companies, by subordinating nearly everything to growth activities. Or better, by making bold commitments, actions and objectives around growth a little too early.

This means that if you should be ready for that trade show next year, then do it this year and it will force you to grow.

Not quite ready to buy Advertising? You should probably be spending $10 to $100 a day already.

Feel like the product really needs work? The best way to actually work on what will work is to try to start selling it and see what people say.

Need to focus on people, culture, or anything else that sounds like “work on your business not in it?”

It’s still time to work on getting more people helping you with growth, customer service people can help sell, product people can help with adding marketing, and everyone should be asking the question, “how will this help us add new customers?”

If you wanna grow, you have to work on growth. The best thing about it, is it’s the one area of your business that as you give it too much attention, it forces everything you neglect in the right directions.

Lastly, is this a hard and fast rule? Almost, not fully YET:

As with all other rules, this is most powerful, when you know to break it. Break rules wisely, and happy growing.

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