June 6th; My WWII Memorial Day

Today has always been kind of a personal Memorial Day. A year rarely goes by that I don’t realize, “it’s June 6th” that was D-Day…

The reason it’s meant something to me is simply that I got to stand on the craters in France as an 8 year old boy when my family lived in England.

I don’t have a big specific point to remember, except to say that it’s important that we remember, it’s crucial that we understand enough to learn.

There were so many things about how we as a country handled ourselves during these periods that I think might help each of us personally and the whole country. More important than who we elect to be our next president, I believe, is that we find a way to get a long with each other.

It’s much more likely that we destroy ourselves from within than without.

In honor of D-Day, I think you’d love this short audio story by Mike Rowe. The ending will surprise you, click here to listen: http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/traffic.libsyn.com/force-cdn/highwinds/thewayiheardit/On_My_Honor.mp3#ak2xgjoFGlKcPGgp.01

Or, subscribe in your favorite podcast app to “The Way I Heard It” By Mike Rowe. They’re all 5–10 minute, short podcasts with a twist. Mike was the creator and subject of much of the TV show, “Dirty Jobs.”

I think you’ll like the story above, and I won’t spoil it for you, go ahead, take a break and listen to it. It might change the way you do something today…

The Way I Heard It Podcast Page: Look for Episode #13: “On My Honor”

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