Not MY Weirdo

I had a very unpleasant sales and customer service interaction last week.

As I’ve tried to get the lessons from it that are positive and finish “passing” the distasteful portions, I’ve synthesized it all into one idea.

Note: having any insight like this doesn’t make this process or pain of something like lesson you still get to go through it but it does speed it up.

It’s the same thing when you go through a break up, or lose a loved one, all the mantras and insights and wisdom in the world don’t change it, they just speed up your processing.

Not my weirdo.

Tim Urban taught me something from his experience in getting to where he’s at.

He said, “I started with the idea that maybe, there’s at least another hundred thousand weirdos like me out there.”

When you know you’re on target, you’ve got clear direction and something shouldn’t rattle you, just remember that person you’re dealing with is NOT your weirdo.

You may only need 20, 100, or even if you need a million weirdos to make your model work, there’s 7 Billion humans to chose from.