What meditation has taught me about “F_ _ _ Ups”

February 17 not too many days ago is what I like to call national “F-it day.”

It’s called that because it’s the day of the year most people say “screw it I need the cake”, “I’m not going to the gym today,” or giving up on whatever new resolution it is they’ve set.

At least that’s what I read and some study once, however my observation is it’s generally true…

Just talk to your friends about how many times They’ve been to the gym last week versus three or four weeks.

With any habit, routine, experiment etc you’re going to have variance. You’ll waiver or something will just disrupt things.

For example, travel made it impossible one day to keep a streak I was working on.

The meditation piece comes in here:

That’s the rep”

I’ve been told that when you get off balance, your mind wanders or things go off course, that’s when you’re doing the actual work of meditation that develops the “muscle” you want. The ability to bring yourself back.

That practice involves just allowing yourself to observe and acknowledge what’s just happened and instead of focusing on what went wrong that you’d like not to repeat, focus on where you’re going and do the next right thing. Bring it back on track.

So how does this relate to your weight loss goal for example.

We all go off course. I’m working on some intermittent fasting modifications to when I eat. Last night I ended up eating late, and missing all the main habits that make sure I sleep great and am optimally ready for life.

The discovery, my learning is to simply apply that meditation philosophy to the bigger swings of a day or week.

Just come back to the routine. Observer that you went off course and DO the next right thing.