When Making Data Driven Decisions… BEWARE

I mostly work on systems that make marketing data driven decisions, or help people make decisions that are informed by data.

I’ve been analyzing some “insufficient” data to make some hard (as in non-obvious) decisions this week, and what I’m working on today reminded me of something, super important.

BEWARE this thought:

Well, obviously we don’t have enough data to know but…

I will tell you. The thing you’re thinking you can’t think about because you lack the data to make a call IS ALMOST ALWAYS the thing that ends up being where the magic lies.

Furthermore, if we had enough data to make a data driven decision, we wouldn’t need your pretty little brain anyway. We can tell the computers rules.

Basically, look under those “rocks” you’ve already looked under and assume don’t have what you’re looking for. It’s probably there…