Your Ad Could Be Performing Much Better📉

When you’re on as many facebook accounts as my team and I are, you get messages like this a lot.

We tend to forward them to someone to act on, or just let our algo handle it by pausing them due to performance issues. Still, it seems like there’s more to pay attention to here.

In this case, it’s Facebook being facebook telling you they don’t like something, maybe humans like it maybe not, maybe some do and some don’t I don’t really know and most data to suggest that someone does know seems hard to trust.

The lesson here, is in the statement. Your ad, yes you, the person reading this right now, could be performing much better.


There’s a million little things, for example one trick we seem to use endlessly is top down video and images.

Another trick is, just try video ads if all you’re doing are images.

Unless you have a big product catologue and you REALLY optimize it, a carousel will probaly suck, even if you start it with a video. But sometimes it won’t so still test it.

And if you just run videos all the time, try a good ole image.

If all you do are images that make sense, try an image that no one, can make sense of, take your phone out, and draw some circles on that photo and add something like, “what’s going on in this photo”…

So, there’s a lot you can do to improve an ad.

I think the best thing you can do, is look at, study, and MAKE MORE ADS.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to set up a way for people to follow my own, ad research journal. Most direct response copy writers and direct response marketers call this a “Swipe File.”

If you’d like to get my up to date, week to week swipe file for free, just join me at

I’ll send you 1–2 issues a week, that show you what we think is worth modeling that week. Even if you don’t subscribe, please, write some new ads :-)