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Product Review: Comply Foam Tip-Premium Earphone Tips

Recently I was approached to do a review of a replacement earphone tips that promises to fit and sound better than the standard ones that are sold with your earphones. I have long been a user of 3rd party earphones so of course my curiosity was peaked.

Currently I use Panasonic Noise Cancelling Headphones (RP-HC56-K) when I travel, and Levin Sport Bluetooth Earphones (DE-UPTR-B) when I work out. Both of these types of earphones are made to fit snuggly in your ear like Apple’s earphones. Both feature a silicon tip that is supposed to fill your ear canal and lock the earphone in place. They keyword here are “supposed.” They do not stay in place and I find that I have to reposition them every so often. These types of earphones all come with different size silicon tips that are allow for the proper fit, but don’t really enhance the experience and hardly ever stay put.

Problem 1

I often have to fly for business and that is why I purchased the Panasonic noise cancelling earphones. They weren’t expensive but I had hoped that they would eliminate the airplane noise so I could listen to music or watch movies while on the plane. They worked ok at blocking out most of the noise. I do have to occasionally push them back in my ears.

Problem 2

When I use my Levin earphones I find i am constantly repositioning them so that they are placed properly in my ears. They aren’t uncomfortable, but it is a bit annoying to have to constantly adjust them while working out.

Enter Comply Foam Tip-Premium Earphone Tips. Comply has created replacement foam tips for earphones that use that the typical silicon tips. The package I received had three different tips for unique uses. The three pairs are Sport, Isolation and Comfort tips. The tips are made of a high density memory foam that feels reminiscent of squishy ear plugs that expand to fill your ear canal. I immediately swapped my old silicon tips for the Comply foam tips. I pulled off the old ones and pushed the new ones on the same little tubular ends and I was done. It was simple and took about five seconds.

The swap was easy but would they really be an upgrade? The package says “Blocks Noise + Secure Fit + Soft comfort + Enhanced Audio.” I can say without a doubt that they certainly did improve the first three. On a recent trip I found that my noise cancelling earphones were very comfortable and did not have to be readjusted during the three hour flight. That is a big improvement on the way the same earbuds worked with the factory silicon tips. I did notice that more of the background noise was filtered out. Though the earbuds say they are noise cancelling they don’t do nearly as good of a job as the more pricey Bose versions. Thanks to the Comply tips I found that now I was able to clearly hear the movie’s audio track even while sitting behind the engine of the plane. It wasn’t perfect but definitely much improved.

Next I swapped the tips on my sport earphones. Much like my other pair these did feel like a better fit right from the start. I only once had to reposition the earphones during my run unlike with the silicon tips which I would do every five minutes before basically giving up. These really stayed put and positioned the sound in the right place. The fit was snug but I didn’t experience any discomfort after wearing the sport edition for an hour.

Who knew that there was a way to really improve most earphones so easily. For $15 dollars for a variety pack I think you get your money’s worth and can breath new life and performance into your current earphones.

Where to buy: Comply Premium Earphone Tips

I received these for free from Comply in exchange for an honest product review.